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MNTGE Pass Day One
Past collection

MNTGE pass
Day One

MNTGE Pass Day One is our founding membership pass for the community. MNTGE gives its pass holders opportunities to interface with fashion history, cultural touchstones, and rare collectibles that may otherwise be impossible for most people to own, wear, or experience. This pass grants priority access to our designer collection drops and to the future MNTGE Market. Become a Day One member and secure your spot.

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Sean Wotherspoon

Sean Wotherspoon is a vintage collector, fashion designer, and founder of Round Two Vintage. He will debut his first digital fashion collection though MNTGE. Drawing on some of his favorite vintage articles from his personal archive, this collection will blend inspiration from future and past worlds. These articles will each tell a unique story and have from day one.

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Past collection


MNTGE presents Patchwork: a limited edition collection by eleven artists spanning the Web3, traditional art and fashion worlds.In a homage to the timeless craftsmanship of vintage patches, we employ a variety of manufacturing techniques from detailed embroidery to hand-stitching and vibrant color sublimation, making every design a testament to artisanal skill.

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Coming '23


Wear the past. MNTGE Market will feature iconic physical vintage curated by Sean Wotherspoon for you to own and wear in real life. With each article, you get to own the history and create the future legacy of the garment. MNTGE Pass holders will be the first to gain access to the market.

Exclusive Access

  • Access to physical items that are curated and authenticated
  • Hand picked selection by Sean Wotherspoon + prominent vintage collectors
  • Iconic vintage pieces and collectibles
  • MNTGE Pass holders will receive first access when the market is ready


When can we mint the MNTGE + Sean Wotherspoon Collection?
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There are two mint windows. One sale. One free claim. 

Sale - February 7, 2023 starting at 1pm pst and ending at 3pm pst.
MNTGE Pass Holders, Day One + F&F, can buy 1 trunk per pass.
Pass holders will also have an exclusive mint window for 1pm pst to 3pm pst.
The public sale will start at 3pm with any remaining trunks until sold out. 

Claim - February 9th, 2023 starting at 1pm pst and ending on February 28th, at 1pm pst.

How many trunks can I claim?
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Day One- holders will be allowed to claim 1 trunk per pass for free (plus gas fees).
F&F - can claim 2 trunks + 1 bale per pass for free (plus gas fees).

Is there an opportunity for MNTGE Pass Holders to buy a trunk? 
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Yes. All MNTGE Pass holders will have an exclusive mint window to purchase 1 trunk per pass. The MNTGE Pass holders window will be on February 7, 2023 at 1pm pst to 3pm pst. 

I don't own a pass. Can I still mint?
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The public raffle sign up will open February 7, 2023 at 1pm pst. Raffle winners will have access to mint at 3pm pst.

How many trunks will there be?
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3100 total supply. 1500 trunks will be reserved for the sale. 1600 trunks will be reserved for MNTGE Pass holders.